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    Adriana Lima’s first Vogue casting polaroid.

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    End of season sale at Romwe, up to 40% off plus free shipping

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    Alicia Silverstone & Liv Tyler in Aerosmith’s “Crazy” music video

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  5. Gilda (1946)

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    insta: @lostpetal

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    You found paradise in the Pacific Northwest. Somewhere between that mountain range and the stress stuffed in every corner of your brain. The mist blew across your face and you forgot every anxious thought you’ve ever had. All those lost opportunities and loves. All those days missed hiding in the comfort of your mind. You sat on the front porch of your consciousness and you could finally breathe.

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  9. "He was dangerous to her. He did things to her heart and mind she couldn’t explain. He made her want things she’d always been afraid of. But now she wanted to try."

    Maya Banks, Sweet Possession (via lovely—delight)

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